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Who we are?!

A few days before Politehnica’s last game in Copou, in 2005-2006 season, the one with FC Arges, issues about creating a supporter girl group in Iasi arose. Why?? In order to change Romanian supporter’s way of thinking, to demonstrate that girls are capable of supporting the beloved team no matter the sacrifice, distance, time, or any other things that would question this kind of devotion. Because, as one of our banners says, “in a world dominated by men, we bring grace to the stands”.

On 2 April 2006 we gathered in the south stand, and from 2006-2007 season, we activate in the north stand. The Blue-White Ladies banner firstly appeared in public on 1 October 2006 at the Politehnica Iasi-Steaua Bucuresti match. This was the founding moment of our girl group. We were 20 girls. There was a period in which we gathered about 33 but from certain reasons, our present number is 10.

The coreography at that game, was realised mainly with out help. We supported most coreographies that followed in our stands and there were lots of banners done by ourselves, one year coreography, and lots to come.

Why Blue-White Ladies? “Blue-White” because we always carry the colours we love, inside our hearts, and not only. “Ladies” because is what we feel caracterize us best.

Our objective is to unconditionally sustain the team we love. We guide after the ULTRA’ style that reprezents for us A WAY OF LIFE.

We thank the ones that support us, the ones that have been and are by our side, but the greatest thanks are to POLITEHNICA IASI, because of which we exist.


One Response to “Who we are?!”

  1. Stella said

    You go girls and dont let anybody stop you!!!

    Girl power all the way


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